Creative Writing - Scripts

We are learning to write scripts to create a play.

We know we are successful if our script has:
- multiple characters
- a setting
- character speech
- stage direction (in a different colour to the speech)

Once we have written our scripts we are creating the plays using Puppet Pals.

My play is called "Death"

peace week 2017

I have been learning about Peace Week.
Peace Week is an annual tradition organised by The Peace Foundation every year. You can learn more about The Peace Foundation by following this LINK.

As a way to learn about Peace Week I did three different Peace Week activities.

With Miss Brennan we created a poster to help promote peace and Peace Week.
With Mrs Baker we made hand print doves and wrote messages of peace on them.
With Mr Horn we looked at the symbols of peace such as the dove and created origami doves.

Here is an example of one of my activities

Student Led Confernce

My highlight at my student led conference was sharing my learning with my mum and dad.

I am most proud of sharing my math because I got to share my pyramids.

I think my parents enjoyed my tiki because my parents said, "Your tiki is really good."

Next time I would like to make a blog post to share for the student led conference.


My learning goal this term is order and sequence the ideas in a text.
I can do this by ordering the text in my reading.
This photo shows my learning.

Procedural Writing

WALHT write a procedure
Something I learned about writing a procedure is to number instructions.
Something I would like to do better is to number my steps.
Here is a photo of my learning.


WALT we are learning to display data in a bar graph.
Something I learned was to use tally marks for what people vote for.
Here is a photo of my learning.
My next step is to label the x and Y axis.


We are learning to do hip hop and salsa.
I enjoyed the moves in the hip hop.
I learned to do some hard dance moves.


WALT: add a twist to our writing

I didn 't have a party because it wasn't my birthday.
I didn' t have school because it was the hoidays.
I didn' t hop on my computer .
but I did play mini golf .
I didn' t eat bacon on Sunday .
I didn' t eat snails .
I didn' t eat a bear .
but I did eat a cupcake .
I didn't see a moving bottle.
I didn't see creatures at the zoo.
I didn't see my friends in the holidays.
But I did see my home.

Punchy Poetry

I have been learning to create an example of simile.
This is my example: the ANZACs were as brave as a soldiers
Next time I would like to come up with more examples of similes.

Taiao Programme

I have been learning to be safe around the kitchen.
We made a apple crumble.
I learned that when you use a knife you need to stand back.
A question I have is why did we grate the apple?